Crazed Hub Podcast Episode 2 “Poop Baby”


Join Ian “Crazed” and Nate “Divine” while they drink beer and discuss gaming, nerd culture, movies, current events, sports…… come to think about it just about whatever they want. You can also find and download this podcast from Podbean.

On this Episode: Bear week, Pete the Cat, hammocks, No Mans Sky, Star Citizen, E-League, steam ban hammer, IRL Iron Man suite, Mia Khalifa, Rooster Teeth, Chick-Fil-A, Divinity Original Sin, Rick Grimes & The Walking Dead, Super Bowl Rings & Putin”

Beer of The Week: Moby D, Buzzard’s Bay Brewing


Link Dump:

Hammock Chair (Left), Pete the Cat (Middle), Bear week shirt (Right)

No Mans Sky update

Star Citizen Kickstarter

Battle for Middle Earth Reformed

E-League eye tracking

Gravity Suit (IRL Iron Man suite)

Rooster Teeth add Mia Khalifa to their list of personalities

Women gives birth in Chick-Fil-A

Divinity Original Sin

Rick Grimes leaves The Walking Dead

Putin steal Robert Kraft’s super bowl ring

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