BAMF Squirtle’s coming to Pokemon Go!


The Squirtle Squad was easily the most badass Pokemon in the entire universe. Any 90s baby worth their weight in salt would be lying is they said they didn’t get choked up when the leader of the Squirtle squad decided to follow ash on his path to the elite 4.

Pokemon Go has been delivering on excellent content to keep long time fans invested and entertained with the game. Niantic has introduced in recent months the aloha version of Exeggutor, chances to get the three original legendary Pokemon through new story based challenges, the ability to trade Pokemon, and rolling out new Pokemon from newer generation on a consistent basis.

With Pokemon Go’s newest update they will give players a chance to catch a powerful Blastoise that has the special move “Hydro Cannon”, but that’s not all, there will also be members of the Squirtle squad running around for you to try and get your hands on. The update is slated to occur with the upcoming community event that will run from 2-5pm on July 8th.

Below are a couple of my recent catches, show off your rarest catches in the comments.


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