Microsoft E3 Review


50 Games

18 Exclusives

15 World Premieres

Microsoft started out their conference with this tag line and they sure as hell delivered on it. Following my comments I have listed a comprehensive compilation of all the games and their trailers that were released during the Microsoft conference.

Where do you even start when you just witnessed 50 some odd new game reveals, it is madness. That said, there were a couple of stand outs amongst the fray. First of which being Halo Infinite, Microsoft used infinite to open their conference. The game is still far from releasing and the trailer was more of a demo of the new Slipspace engine than the game itself but it still allows us all a small taste. The trailer ends with a small glimpse of the master chief so it is assumed this will be more of a traditional Halo.

Todd Howard from Bethesda made a guest appearance at the Microsoft conference and gave us our first look into Fallout 76 which was leaked prior to E3. I am beyond hyped about a new fallout, however speculation before the conference was that it may not be a full game and just a survival spin-off of some sort. The Information that we have received so far confirms that the game will be an online survival RPG where you are pitted up against other players in the wasteland but we learned that the game will also be four times as big as Fallout 4. That’s not a typo folks, it will be FOUR times as big. Look for more information on the game in my review on Bethesda’s conference.

We Happy Few was another stand out for me. The game was originally showed at last year’s E3 and we were left without much information about the game, this theme carried through to this year as well where the trailer we saw was more of a cinematic than anything else. Luckily the game is set to release August 10th of this year so we will not have to wait long to see what the game is all about.

There were a couple other games that I am very excited about but in an attempt to keep this short i will not say much about them. These last few games are Battlefield 5, Gears of War 5, Captain Spirit, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. All of these games looked amazing and I will definitely be picking them up.

All in all the Microsoft conference was incredible and very easily may have won E3.

Halo Infinite

Ori and The Will of The Wisps

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Fallout 76

Captain Spirit 

Crackdown 3

Nier Automata: Become as Gods (Remastered)

Metro: Exodus

Kingdom Hearts 3

Sea of Thieves Updates (Cursed Sails & Forsaken Shores)

Battlefield 5

Forza Horizon 4

We Happy Few

Tales of Vesperia

The Division 2

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


Devil May Cry 5

Cuphead DLC


Jump Force

Dying Light 2


Just Cause 4

Gears of War 5

Cyberpunk 2077


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