EA E3 2018 Press Conference Review


The day has finally come, the day that gamer’s around the world anticipate all year long. E3 is here and it is time to see if all of our favorite developers can live up to the hype we have all created around them leading up to this weekend.

EA took the stage first and started off the conference with a lot of predictable announcements. They gave us new installments to their EA Sports sector including a new FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live. As is usual with the sport section of their conference they also provided us with an awkward monologue between two guest appearances from wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlen the 2018 Madden Bowl champion.

They showcased Battlefield 5 and announced that it would launch with a battle royal mode, no real surprise there. I am no fan of battle royal games and have not played an ounce of Fortnite or PUBG but out of all the games that may or may not announce a battle royal mode at E3 I think the Battlefield franchise is the most appropriate so I have no problem with it.

Anthem was debatably their most anticipated game of the conference and it may just be me, but it seemed like it should of been titled Destiny 3 instead. Anthem is just destiny re- skinned with mechs. Needless to say I wont be trying it out.

They announced a new Command and Conquer game! but oh wait its only some small PvP mobile game, weak EA, really really weak. A new full fledged C&C game would have been received very well. The RTS genre is far to often over looked and with the only major installment to that genre in the last two years or so being Halo Wars 2 and with that game being a turd the genre is ready for a gem.

Overall I thought that EA’s conference was pretty weak but that is not any different from how I feel every year about their conference.

Following I have listed the trailers for all of the games that were showcased.

Battlefield 5

Command and Conquer: Rivals

Sea of Solitude

Unravel Two:


Madden NFL 19

NBA Live 19


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