Ironhide Games Studio New Realese


Game developer Ironhide, who were the producers behind the critically acclaimed IOS series Kingdom Rush, released a new game titled Iron Marines back in September (Check out the trailer below). This new game is a departure from the Tower Defense genre that they perfected and is their first attempt at a top down RTS. Their new venture takes place in space where you combat hordes of aliens and robots utilizing an array of units and tower defences.

I was a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush franchise, playing through all three of the games so there was no chance I  was going to miss out on their new game. To my surprise they transitioned to the RTS genre very well and created a compelling and entertain game that is perfect for those 15 minute bathroom breaks at the office.

That is not the only news ethier from Ironhide Games, they also released a statement prior to the release of Iron Marines stating that there will indeed be a new installment to the Kingdom Rush franchise, when that will be however is still unknown.

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