Review: Far Cry 5


Game: Far Cry 5

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: March 27th, 2018

Genre: Action Adventure First Person Shooter


I know this review is coming in late but as they say; better late then never. Believe me, I wish was able to find the time to finish it earlier then I did but so is life.

That said, I recently was able to put in the remaining time I needed to complete the game, including getting all the achievements (Humble brag),  In total I put just under two days of play time into it and feel I was able to cover most of the game play in that time. If you wanted to play a more streamlined version of the game you could probably get through it in about 10 or so hours.


Warning Spoilers Contained



Far Cry 5 takes place in hope county Montana. The county has been over taken by the cultist group of Eden Gate and it is your duty to rid the hillbilly locals of their unwanted neighbors. The game brings you in as a recently recruited deputy to the hope county sheriffs office. You are quickly able to ascertain your surroundings and come to find yourself in a helicopter with a federal marshal (Burke), the Sheriff (Whitehorse) and two deputies (Hudson and Pratt). The helicopter is heading to Edens gate to capture Joseph Seed and bring him to justice. After some fighting and cut scenes you end up back in the the helicopter with Joseph and attempt to get the hell out of dodge only to have a cultist get sucked up into the props which results in the helicopter crashing. Upon waking from the crash Joseph and his men are rounding up your partners and taking them away to be split up among his family members. “Luckily” you escape and your mission is to figure out a way to free all of your allies.

The plot made sense as a whole but as the game progresses there were some major failures. These failures primarily fell in the development of the main characters.

Marshel Burke (Left), Joesph Seed (Middle), Sherrif Whitehorse (right


There were few characters that left a lasting impact on you as the player, especially your allies that get captured and become your driving motive to eliminate the seed family and as such you struggle to become engrossed in the main plot of the game. There should have been more development into those starting characters in order to create a more believable plot line.

I also had problems getting behind any of the allies you meet in the various regions within the world with the exception of Pastor Jerome. In all three of the regions of the game that are controlled by the various Seed family members you are introduced to two or so main allies in their respective headquarters. Most of these charterers had little to no development and again lead to a lack of connection with the story.

My biggest complaint however lies in the character of Faith seed, the drug addicted younger sister of the Seed siblings. You never actually see Faith in the real world, she only exists within the drug induced world that “The Bliss” provides. The far cry series always includes some drug related missions where you enter a mystical world but usually those mission are side mission and do not involve one of the main protagonist. To put it simply I thought the entire Faith story line was a floundering shit hole.

Pastor Jerome


This Far Cry incorporated a map builder that the developers were calling the Arcade. In order to gain some of the last few achievements I had to play a significant amount of online matches and experienced both a number of good and absolute shit maps. Fortunately a peer review system helped to filter the best maps to the surface which resulted in the core matchmaking to be relatively very enjoyable.


Miscellaneous Points:

  • Best mission was being able to destroy the massive Joseph Seed Statue, if it was not destructible I would have been pissed.
  • I missed the mechanic of hunting/gathering to gain materials to use to upgrade your equipment.
  • The game had a collection of reasonable but still challenging achievements which was appreciated.
  • Graphically the game and its characters looked amazing which is why it is even more unfortunate that the games plot lacked in the way it did.
  • Fishing was a great addition to the game.
  • I did not want to spoil the ending but I will say that I was not a fan.

Over all score

3.25 Edens Gate Symbols out of 5


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