Ready Player One Origin Story


With the recent release of the movie Ready Player One and its success in the box office I thought I would write a small piece about how it came to be. Interestingly enough it all started with poetry.

The movie was based in the world of the cult classic book that was written by Ernest Cline, who was heavily involved in the development of the movies script as well. Most fans of Cline and his writing will probably know him for his novels but what people probably do not know is that he got his start in poetry.

He started performing poetry in the mid 90’s and was heavily involved in the Austin, TX Poetry Slam scene. During this time he won a slew of weekly poetry competitions and became the Austin Slam Champion three times. In 2001 Cline stopped performing but in the same year he released a compilation of his poetry titled The Importance of Being Ernest. He began to sell his work at local venues and on his website. Around this same time he began to post his work around the internet, to his surprise some of his work gained significant traction, eventually gaining the attention of geek icon Wil Wheaton who posted a link to Cline’s work which helped him to sell hundreds of copies. It was the finical freedom and confidence that Cline gained from his successful poetry work that allowed him to pursue his true passion to be a novelist.

If you would like to see more of his work you can find him here.


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