Silicon Valley Season 5 Premiere


Alright HBO, I am not sure what I did to make you feel like you had to bend me over on Sunday night but you did, and it was not consensual. Silicon Valley is one of the best half hour shows on television, hands down, and the season 5 premiere was scheduled to air on Sunday at 10:00 pm. HBO however, decided to run a halfed-baked operation and allow their programming to run three hours late, delaying the premiere until 1:00 am. Unacceptable, strike one HBO.

Rant aside, I was able to watch the episode the following day and it was mediocre. It was more of the same which is what I want from the show but it lacked any real development into the seasons plot. This was also the first episode to air with out one of the main charterers, Erlich Bachman who is played by T.J. Miller, who the show decided to part ways with last season due to T.J.s drug and alcohol abusive. Erlich was a hilarious character and it will be interesting to see how the show fairs without him.

With that said ill leave you all on this note which is by far one of the best moments in the show.

Keep an eye out for the Crazedhub Podcast, coming this summer.

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