Review: Monster Hunter World

Nergigante: The fearsome Elder Dragon

Game: Monster Hunter: World

Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: January 25th, 2018

Genre: Action Role Playing Game

Capcom released the block buster Monster Hunter World in the US on January 26 for the PS4 and XBOX One. Monster Hunter World (MHW) smashed Capcom sales records in no time hitting 7.5 million worldwide sales in about a month. The game will be released for the PC in Fall 2018, where it should find another boon of sales.

The Monster Hunter series dates back to its original game for the PS2 released in 2004. Since then the series has sparked a cult following for a small niche of gamers. Monster Hunter hadn’t hit the main stream due to its punishing game play and depth of mechanics. Capcom aimed to change that with MHW by making the game more player friendly than ever to attract a new player base. The sales numbers say they achieved that goal.

The game holds the player’s hand through all of the mechanics old and new while offering tips to help new players along. For seasoned monster hunters, the game still offers everything they grew to love with a plethora of skills, a slightly reworked breadth of gameplay mechanics across the 12 available weapon types, and a variety of new monsters to learn and conquer.

MHW introduces several new monsters to the series including Nergigante the fearsome “elder dragon that feasts on elder dragons” (as my quest handler has now told me countless times) as well as bringing back some old favorites like the classic Rathalos. Capcom will likely continue to expand on the monsters in the game as they have released their first FREE game update that includes some weapon balance changes and a new monster, the Deviljho, that was originally introduced in Monster Hunter Tri.

With the return to consoles and soon PC this installment of the series is gorgeous. Environments, effects, and monster design are a work of art and the monsters feel at home in carefully crafted ecosystems. This new height of monster hunting immersion is bolstered by monster vs monster turf wars. That’s right, monsters will interact with other monsters in unique ways and combinations to do some damage to each other in a theatrical way. Watching two Diablos lock horns and throw each other to the ground as you run for cover, or press the attack, is a thrill. Monster Hunter World is totally worth checking out.

Credit to Divine for the review.

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