Live Action Winnie The Pooh Movie

If this came out next month I would not at all be surprised when it came out to be an April fools joke but unfortunately we are not that lucky. What is even worse is some people even seem to be excited.

“I’m goddamn grinning from ear to ear and almost crying. God damn I hope it’s good.” says Krimhorn

“The power of animation is that old characters can return just as we remember them. I was not aware Poo had this emotional hold over me, but this film is exactly the thing I didn’t know I wanted.” says Fkeefe4th

Quotes take from Polygons article comment section.

Am I the only one who thinks this movie is going to crash and burn? and to be honest I really hope it does because hopefully that will mean the end of live action Disney remakes. I mean look at how bad this looks, Winnie looks like a dirty, creepy, and dim-witted version of Ted.


That being said if they make a live action remake of toy story I would buy 20 copies and the collectors edition in a heartbeat.

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