The Blackout Club, From Bioshock/Dishonored Alumni coming in 2019.


Alumni From the studios that brought us the Bioshock and Dishonored franchised have created their own studio called Question and have released a trailer for their new game The Blackout Club that will be released in 2019.

The game is pitched as a survival horror game that takes place in a small town where you follow a group of teenagers. The town is plagued with a spurt of blackouts. When one of the groups members goes missing they take it upon themselves to find them. In a similar thread to the Outlast series the group members record the events they find themselves in, in order to document the towns secrets and discover the mystery of their missing friend.

Via Polygon Jordan Thomas Studio co-founder and formerly the creative director of BioShock 2 and a designer on the first BioShock had this to say about the game.

“Our story is about vulnerable heroes — for whom co-op gameplay is a matter of survival — who unite to save their friends.”    –    “We love expressive systems, where you shape the game experience as you see fit, often versus a whole ecosystem of intelligent threats. And now, they’re right next door — in a familiar, modern town, where the monster wears a human face.”

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