Microsoft Rumored to Rekindle Fable Franchise.

Fable 2 Cover (Left) Fable 3 cover (Right)

According to Eurogamer Microsoft has tasked UK publisher Playground with the making of a new big budget Fable game. Playground is the developer behind the successful Forza Horizon Franchise. This news comes nearly two years after the devastating news of the shut down of Lionhead Studios, the developers behind the Fable franchise and the never completed Fable Legends.

This information is very exciting to me. As a small pubescent teen I was a huge fan of the Fable Franchise Playing both Fable 2 & 3 extensively. It is still to this day one of if not the only game that tracked contracted STDs as a statistic with in the game. With all my love for this franchise i hope an prey that it not only becomes a reality but is a huge success.

That being said I am not convinced that Playground is the best developer to rekindle this franchise. They have a fantastic team that has done incredible work on the Forza Horizon Franchise but the Fable games are completely different from the racing genre of Forza. Not only that but the Fable franchise has a very unique flavor that has not be done as well in any other RPG that I believe Playground will have a hard time replicating.

According to Eurogamer and Polygon Microsoft had nothing to saying about these rumors except for this “Microsoft does not comment on rumor or speculation.”

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