Loot create legislation introduced in Hawaii

That’s right everyone Hawaiian legislators are introducing four bills that will limit the sale of video games that have loot crate systems incorporated in them. Video games have hit the big screen now that they have made their way into the state house. The bills are focusing on the kids under the age of 21 and are taking the stance that loot create mechanics in games are similar in many ways to conventional gambling and thus should be regulated in a similar fashion.

Gaming news site Polygon discusses the matter in more detail in an article posted on February 13th when the legislation was first introduced.


In my opinion what Hawaii lawmakers are looking at is not the main issue of the new loot crate epidemic. Of course something that is potentially as addicting as loot crates needs to have legislation in order to protect young people from abusing it. However the true issue is based in creating games that become pay to win. Games such as Star Wars Battlefield 2 have been hit heavy in the news for doing just that and have thus shed a lot of light on to the issue.

Many gamers including myself are more than willing to pay for loot crates that provide cosmetic upgrades in game. Personally I have spent more money then I am willing to admit on loot crates in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The step from cosmetic loot crates to play to win creates is not a step in the right direction for publishers. As gamers we understand publishers need to find new and creative ways to get money in order to keep their doors open and provide us with great games but pay to win loot crates is not the way to do that.

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