Trailers won the Superbowl

The super bowl is starting to become a mini Comic-Con with the amount of trailers that are dropped, this year was far from an exception. All of the trailers can be a bit tedious to keep track of so I thought it would be prudent to list the trailers here. In addition I will be listing them from most to least anticipated.

Westworld: Season 2

10 for 10 can not wait and with a release date in April we all won’t have to.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Cloverfield Paradox

Coming in with a hot release on Netflix on the same day. I’m ready to start seeing more and more AAA movies coming to netflix.

Avengers: Infinity War

Castle Rock

Honestly feel like this show has the potential to be great.

Toms Clancy’s: Jack Ryan

I have a hard time taking John Krasinski seriously in any role since the office especially an action packed series like this.

Mission Impossible: Fallout


This movie looks like an absolute turd.

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