Wolfenstein 2, The 2017 Female Protagonist

Anya Oliwa in the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is something else…

She is the wife of the main Character, William J. Blazkowicz, and does not play a huge role throughout the story but when she does she leaves an impact. Towards the end of the story Anya is found in an action packed cut scene with william. With out spoiling anything Anya is seen Pregnant, tits out, akimbo wielding, and blood soaked by the enemies she just annihilated all the while sitting on top of William (in a non sexual way for those of you that went there).

It is well know that female characters in the video game industry have a hard time working their way to the surface in an industry where male characters take prominence. Wolfenstein 2 offered a welcome reprieve where players were able to enjoy a female character that was not only bad-ass but also not lacking in personality and place within the story.

If you have not picked up Wolfenstein 2 yet I would highly recommend it.


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